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Just point your browser to iBoot's IP address, enter the Password and you're one click away from power ON, OFF or Reboot. It's that simple.

iBoot is a network attached, IP addressed, web controlled power switch. Anyone with a web browser can access iBoot to perform power On, Off or Cycle (timed power shutdown Reboot, or power up). iBoot is dual password protected and uses IP filtering for security.

iBoot uses international standard IEC320 power connections and is auto sensing for worldwide use. Line
cord and Output Cord are included for North America. iBoot handles circuits up to 12 Amps (10 Amps at

iBoot-DC supports 5-48VDC, 2 Amps and uses simple screw terminals for power in and out.

The unique Auto-Ping feature allows iBoot to monitor any IP device on the network and take automatic action
whenever the device is down. With Auto-Ping, you can monitor your broadband connection by pinging an address
across the network. Reboot automatically when service is not available.

The new Heartbeat Detect feature allows iBoot to monitor any server or PC running either the free Heartbeat Generator Program, or heartbeats integrated into your custom software.
Dataprobe can provide developer support to make integration easy.

Features Benefits

Access from any Network point

No field trips required for Reboot. Save time and money by eliminating service calls and reducing downtime to a

Web Control

No special software required. Works with any forms capable browser. Easy Web Administration for all configuration.

Dual Password & IP Filtering for Security

Deploy iBoot securely throughout your organization. User and Admin Passwords. IP Filtering keeps out unwanted visitors.

IP Addressed, 10/100Base-T

Use on any Ethernet IP network. Public or private. Supports DHCP and alternate ports for Web Access.

Automatic Reboot Operation

Auto-Ping and Heartbeat Detector. Automatic Operation for crashed devices. Auto-Ping pings device while heartbeat
listens for periodic message. Complete control over frequency and timers. Developer Assistance and software tools
are free.

Direct TCP and Software Control

Control iBoot directly from your software application for the highest degree of power control integration. Simple protocol is freely available. Use iBoot control program to call power control from any network management system.

Built in Hub

Reduce cabling and simplify installation. One cable from your network closet serves the iBoot and server, kiosk, etc. Autosensing for uplink/downlink eliminates the need for expensive crossover cables.

110/220 VAC Operation

Auto ranging power input. Deploy iBoot anywhere in the world. iBoot uses IEC320 Connectors and includes line and
extension cords for North America.

Current Capacity for your needs

12 Amps at 110 VAC, 10 Amps at 220
VAC. 2Amps at 5-48 VDC. Current for
most Servers, Routers, Kiosks, etc.
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