PowerDsine 3001 PD-3001/AC 15 Watt PoE Midspan Power over Ethernet Injektor

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PowerDsine 3001 PD-3001/AC 15 Watt PoE Midspan Power over Ethernet Injektor
PowerDsine 3001
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PowerDsine's 3001 Power over Ethernet (PoE) single port Midspan (PoE injector) offers a compact and cost effective, fully IEEE 802.3af compliant solution for remote powering of wireless LAN (WLAN)access points, and other low port density installations.

The 3001 PoE Midspan eliminates the need for external power supply and its associated AC/DC power cabling, providing a compact, affordable, safe and reliable power solution over existing Ethernet infrastructure.

Cost-effective power distribution for WLAN access point installations.
Safe powering of standard compliant,as well as Pre-standard end-terminals.
Investment protection of existing Ethernet switches and cabling infrastructure.
Saves time and reduces installation costs.
Easy plug-and-play installation.
Several units can be mounted adjacently for powering more than one Ethernet terminal.
Cleans up low-density wireless LAN deployment and eliminates the need for multiple one-port PoE solutions.
Supports Gigabit Ethernet data transmission for applications suvh as Wi-Max access points, Gig IP phones, and IP cameras.


Compact Design - PowerDsine's 3001/3001G are small and compact standalone products. No additional components are needed. Just add an IEC320 standard line cord.

Standard Compliance - PowerDsine's 3001/3001G PoE midspans are fully compatible with IEEE 802.3af standard or legacy Cisco powered devices. It features a standard auto-sensing algorithm and provides safe power to remote terminals.

Safe and reliable powering of WLAN access points.

Automatic detection and protection of non - standard Ethernet terminals.

Compact design - specifically tailored for WLAN access point installation.

Unique interlocking feature - to connect multiple units.

Upgrade Legacy Ethernet Switches - The PowerDsine 3001/3001G Power over Ethernet (PoE) midspans connect to legacy Ethernet infrastructure,enables users to upgrade their existing Ethernet switches and provide power over Ethernet capabilities. The PowerDsine 3001/3001G generate safe power over standard Category 5 cabling. By sending 48V, Ethernet terminals such as wireless LAN access points,IP Phones and network cameras are powered remotely. An external splitter may be installed where a device is not standard compliant.

Scalable Design - PowerDsine's 3001/3001G have an exclusive interlocking feature which connects multiple units together side by side to support more than one wireless LAN access point. It is especially designed for small business and low-port density installations.

Centralized Power Distribution - Deploying a PoE midspan in conjunction with a central UPS provides a cost-effective way to distribute backup power and ensures uninterrupted operation of the network during electrical power failur

Easy to Install - PowerDsine's 3001/3001G Power over Ethernet midspans are plug-and-play devices. Once turned on, they automatically detect the Power over Ethernet terminal and supply Power over Ethernet.

Concise LED Display - The PowerDsine's 3001/3001G have two LEDs, indicating normal, overload or short-circuit conditions.

Internal AC/DC converter - no need for external power brick.

Powering Gigabit devicesw - PowerDsine's 3001/3001G Power over Ethernet (PoE) Midspans support existing 10/100 Mbps devices, as well as the new emerging 1000 Mbps terminals, thus power terminals in Gigabit environment.



PowerDsine 3001 
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