VPort 25 Serie - Tag und Nach Kamera mit IP66

Die VPort 25 von Moxa ist eine Überwachungskamera mit IP66.
Die VPort 25 von Moxa ist eine Überwachungskamera mit IP66.
Die Überwachungskameras der VPort 25 Serie von Moxa sind ausgestattet mit einem vandalismussicheren IP66 Gehäuse, Tag und Nacht Linse und sind geeignet zur Outdoor überwachung.

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VPort 25 - Tag- und Nachtsichtkamera

Kindly notice that the Moxa VPort 25 series is phased out and will be substituted by the VPort 26 series. The VPort 26, an IP66, day-and-night, vandal-proof, H.264/ MJPEG fixed dome IP camera, is under development and is scheduled to be released in Q4, 2011. Please contact our sales representatives for any inquiry.The VPort 26 offers superior features compared to the VPort 25, and is an optimal IP camera for outdoor video surveillance applications.

 Features of VPort 26 include:

  • Maximum 30 frames/second at SVGA (800x600) resolution
  • High quality video image with 3D_DNR, BLC, and WDR
  • Built-in de-mist function for clearer images in rain and fog
  • 2.8 to 11 mm day-and-night vari-focal lens with built-in ICR (IR-cut filter removable)
  • Excellent low illumination performance up to 0.01 lux for color images 
  • DynaStreamTM supported for network efficiency
  • Camera tamper alarm for redirection, blocking, defocusing, and spray paint
  • OnVIF supported for standardization and interoperability
  • 802.1X and SSL/SSH for advanced network security


The VPort 25 is a vandal-proof, IP66-rated, fixed dome IP camera for use in harsh, outdoor environments. With a maximum resolution of 520 TVL and day-and-night CCD camera lens, the VPort 25 is especially well-suited for high performance video surveillance applications. The VPort 25’s IP66-rating provides protection against 25dust and rain, and the vandal-proof form factor design prevents damage from unexpected external forces. In addition, the case-open sensor sends an alarm message when the VPort 25’s outer case is opened.

Heater and fan not required, supports direct-wired power input and PoE for power redundancy

The VPort 25's no-heater/fan-less embedded system provides greater reliability for outdoor use. In addition, the camera comes with redundant power inputs: (1) direct power connection (12/24 VDC and 24 VAC) and (2) PoE (IEEE 802.3af) power input.

High performance video, with full motion MJPEG/MPEG4 video stream

The VPort 25 uses the ASIC compression chip, which provides video performance up to full D1 (720 x 480) @ 30 FPS. To meet a wider range of customer requirements, the VPort 25 supports dual-codecs, including the MJPEG and MPEG4 algorithms.

Features and Benefits 

  • -40 to 50°C operating temperature; heater or fan not required
  • IP66-rated for protection from rain and dust
  • Direct-wired power input and PoE for power redundancy
  • Up to 30 frames/sec at 720 x 480 resolution
  • One camera lens for both day and night use
  • Free VPort SDK PLUS provides CGI Commands, ActiveX Control, and an API library for system integrators and third-party software developers
VPort 25-CAM3E52NFixed Dome-type camera for outdoors with Exview camera sensor and NTSC modulation
VPort 25-CAM3E52PFixed Dome-type camera for outdoors with Exview camera sensor and PAL modulation
VPort 25-CAM3S52NFixed Dome-type camera for outdoors with SuperHAD camera sensor and NTSC modulation
VPort 25-CAM3S52PFixed Dome-type camera for outdoors with SuperHAD camera sensor and PAL modulation
Der VP-MK von Moxa ist ein Montageset für Domekameras. VP-MK

Montageset für die VPort 25 Domekamera zur Installation an Straight Tube, Gooseneck Tube oder Mini Pendant.