4G/3G/2G Netzwerk- und Signaltester, mit Richtantennen kompatibel

4G-LTE-Test-Set 2G/3G/4G Netzwerk- und Signaltester mit SIM-Karten Slot.
4G-LTE-Test-Set 2G/3G/4G Netzwerk- und Signaltester mit SIM-Karten Slot.
4G-LTE-Test-Set von MCS ist ein Netzwerk- und Signaltester mit SIM-Karten Slot für 2G, 3G und 4G LTE Mobilfunksignale, der mit Richtantennen verwendet werden kann.

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4G-LTE-Test-Set - Mobilfunk Netzwerktester, kompatibel mit Richtantennen

The MCS TEST SET is a signal analyser for use with GSM and 3G radio networks where automatic signalling equipment is used, including smart metering, any communication products and the full range of MCS GSM/GPRS signalling equipment. It may be used to position an aerial and to test the performance of aerial systems.

The MCS TEST SET displays mobile network information including; network provider names, cell identities, frequencies and signal strength. Jamming signals may also be detected. The MCS TEST SET contains a battery allowing remote operation for up to 12 hours. The internal battery may be recharged from the supplied mains power supply or a suitable car charger. If the MCS TEST SET is left switched on and unused, the unit will automatically switch off after a preset time.

The MCS TEST SET is contained within a strong protective sleeve and is supplied complete with a charger and manual.

  • No more wasted time and effort in finding either a suitable network provider or the best position for a GSM/GPRS/UMTS solution roll-out.
  • Use the delay function to measure with the doors closed in the meter cupboard.
  • Can be used for measuring and detecting GSM/GPRS/UMTS base stations.
  • Test set can also be locked to one network.

Hardware specificaties

Dimensions: (H x W x D): 135mm x 78 x 33 (215mm high with supplied aerial)
Weight: 210 g (including aerial)
Temperature: -20C to +60C transit, -4C to +40C operating
Battery: 4 volt, 500mA/h solid electrolyte lithium Ion
Power: Mains 50mA (operation and battery recharging)


During the survey, each detected base station is given a number. The base station with the strongest signal is given number 1. Higher numbers = lower signal strength

GSM, 3G, 4G

900 /1800/2100/2600Mhz (depending on the model)
The radio frequency band used by the displayed base station. Radio signals using 900 MHz penetrate better into buildings


Cellular identification number of the base station


Signal Strength
0,1 = very low – 9,9 = very high
Similar to Duet’s 7-segment display (0 to 9)
Should be at least 4 for reliable Duet usage


Good = none of low levels
Bad = medium or high levels


The network name of the displayed base station


Not fitted, Fitted or Status

liveSCAN Richtantenne von Siretta für SNYPER-3G Spectrum Netzwerktester. liveSCAN Richtantenne

Richtantenne zur Anwendung mit dem SNYPER-3G Spectrum Mobilfunktester