Ultraschall Tankinhalt Sensor

Ultraschall Tankinhalt Sensor von AKCP.
Ultraschall Tankinhalt Sensor von AKCP.
Anwendung eines Ultraschall Tankinhalt Sensors von AKCP.
Skizze und Abmessung eines Ultraschall Tankinhalt Sensors von AKCP.
Webinterface eines Ultraschall Tankinhalt Sensors von AKCP.
Ultraschall Sensor von AKCP, der den Inhalt von Treibstofftanks oder Tanks mit anderen Flüssigkeiten misst. Er funktioniert mit allen securityProbe und E-Sensor Modellen. Er hat eine Echtzeitanzeige und gibt Warnungen, sobald der Füllstand einen bestimmten Wert unterschreitet oder wenn Flüssigkeit zu schnell austritt, um vor Lecks und Diebstahl zu warnen.

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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor - UFLS

If your business infrastructure relies on backup generators, the chances are you are also relying on fuel to power those. By using the AKCess Pro Ultrasonic Fuel Level sensor you can ensure that your fuel tanks are filled and ready for the most critical moments.

The AKCess Pro Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor is a liquid level detector that will monitor the level of liquid in a tank and display this level on the securityProbe 5E’s web interface and send alerts accordingly.

The RJ-45 intelligent sensor port on base unit powers the sensor. It is compatible with any of the securityProbe series units, or the E-sensor 8 expansion modules.

You can instantly be alerted should there be any drop below critical levels in your liquid. Advance alerting, including an additional feature that alerts you if you liquid level is dropping too quickly, protects you from possible fuel leaks or theft and ensure your tanks never run dry again.

The sensor assembly incorporates an advanced tank sender based on the ultrasonic measurement technology and can monitor a variety of liquids in many types of tanks. These tank level thresholds can then be linked to the advanced notification alerts on the securityProbe 5E’s web interface.

This sensor is designed for monitoring liquid levels in tanks. These tanks can be in linear and non-linear sizes as they are easily calibrated from a simple wizard that is run from the securityProbe 5E’s web interface. Linearization parameters are used to adjust the measurement accuracy for non-linear tanks. For example a tank is non-linear if the tank height is not proportional to its capacity.

The low profile design and standard SAE 5 hole mounting pattern make it easy to install and setup and it has no moving parts for long lasting functionality.

Features And Benefits

  • Normal, Low and Critical alerting
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Can monitor several liquids
  • Monitor your tanks for critically low levels of liquid
  • Requires 12V external power supply (included)
  • Extremely low profile only 20mm high once mounted
  • Operating distance of 0 mm to 2000 mm maximum
  • Programmable tank dimensions via windows application
  • Linear and non linear tank calibration at 5 levels
  • Supports metal and plastic tanks
  • Supports tanks wall thickness up to 6mm (or larger if spacer is used and top limit adjusted)
  • Industry standard SAE-5 stud mounting pattern with gasket seal and washers
GeneralAll size tanks with depth up to 2 meters | Accurate measurement for non-linear size tank | Standard SAE 5 mounting hole and easy fit | Is set for 0-2000 mm depth off the shelf (not suitable for tank depths less than 200 mm)
Measurement methodAcoustic sonic measurement
Tank depth0 – 2000 mm (6.5 ft)
Accuracy Distance0 – 2000 mm (6.5 ft) at 2 mm accuracy
Full-Scale Accuracy+/- 2 – 5% of full-scale value• How long until a reading is received after powering on or configuring the UFLS? If the liquid is steady, an accurate reading is retrieved in under 5 seconds. If not level, or the liquid is moving, it may take up to 60 seconds. | Does the Full-Scale Accuracy vary depending on the tank’s size and shape? Yes, a +/- 5% accuracy is possible if the liquid is very close and/or on an angle greater than 4.5 degree’s.For deep tank’s the full-scale accuracy percentage is less. For shallow tank’s full-scale accuracy is higher.
MountingSAE 5 stud mounting pattern with gasket, seal and screws (top mount only).
Tank type styleMetal and plastic with non linear capacity | Works with certain types of fuel, fresh water, grey water and black water.It is advised that the UFLS is not to be used with explosive chemicals of any kind. | Requires Security Probe 5E or E-sensor 8 expansion module
Communications cableRJ-45 jack to base unit using UTP CAT5 cable. | Communications cable Max. length: 100ft (30 meters) | Comes fully assembled, only needs calibration and installation. | Leader cable from the tank sender to the converter box is 18 inches | Ships with a 15 foot CAT6 LAN extension cable | CAT6 LAN extension cable can be extended up to 100 feet.
EnvironmentalChemical resistance: Certain types of fuel, water, toilet chemicals. It is advised that the UFLS is not to be used with explosive chemicals of any kind. | Operating temperature range of 4°c to 65°c
ElectricalOperates from a 12 volt external power supply (included)
Current draw25 mA with 5 V gauge output | Ignition protected to ISO 8846 | Fire Resistance tested to ABYC, US Coast guard and ISO10088
Output typesAnalogue 10-180, 10-300, 240-33 ohm gauges and 0-5volt
Maximum Tank depthsOperating distance of 0mm to 1100mm for certain Fuel tanks | Operating distance of 0mm to 2000mm for Water tanks | Operating distance of 0mm to 2000mm for Diesel tanks | Operating distance of 0mm to 1500mm at 55°c
Manufacturer Warning It is advised that the UFLS is not to be used with explosive chemicals of any kind.
ropeFuel Treibstoffsensor von AKCP. FLKS

Sensor, der Treibstoffe erkennt und Sie warnt, falls Treibstoff austreten sollte.