MODHUB Serie - Repeating Hub von Contemporary Controls

Der MODHUB-16F von Contemporary Controls ist ein Repeating Hub.
Der MODHUB-16F von Contemporary Controls ist ein Repeating Hub.
Der MODHUB-16 von Contemporary Controls ist ein Repeating Hub.
Die HUBs der MODHUB Serie von Contemporary Controls sind ausgestattet mit 4 Slots (bis zu 16 Ports), einfacher erweiterung durch die EXP Serie (Plug-in Module), Twisted-Pair-, Koaxial- oder Glasfaser-Technologie und es werden alle ARCnet Netzwerkschnittstellen von Contemporary Controls unterstützt.

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MUB HUB - Flexible ARCnet Active Hub

The MOD HUB Series of modular active hubs is flexible enough for cabling ARCNET networks in either a star or bus topology. Units can link bus topologies by attaching the hub to one end of each bus segment.

These 4-slot hubs provide worry-free operation using low power, low-heat CMOS components; high-efficiency LED lights; a special cooling system inherent in the design; and network diagnostic capability using LED indicators.

MOD HUB – Versatile ARCNET Support

LEDs monitor proper hub timing and power supply status. An additional LED reports network reconfigurations.

Different enclosure styles are offered to meet any requirements. Using the rack-mounting kit, two 4-slot enclosures can be mounted within a standard 19” (48.3 cm) rack requiring 7” (17.8 cm) of vertical rack space. Alternately, the MODHUB-16F flanged unit allows wall mounting.

In just one hub, you can mix and match coaxial cable, twisted-pair wire and glass fibre optic cable.

Two combination expansion modules mix two cablingtypes on one module. Ports can be easily added inthe field with removable EXP expansion modules.

As for regulatory compliance, all models are UL 60950 Listed and C-UL Listed (CSA 22.2 No 60950) for Safety of Information Technology Equipment.

A universal power supply accommodates world-widevoltages and frequencies. An IEC connector allowsthe use of country-specific power cords.

Compatible with the baseband 2.5 Mbps ARCNET® network

  • Supports up to 16 ports in four slots
  • One-size enclosure: 4-slot
  • Offers easy expansion with EXP Series plug-in modules
  • Mixes coaxial, twisted-pair, and glass fibre optic cable in one hub
  • LED indicator identifies reconfiguration of the network
  • Minimizes hub jitter with precision delay-line timing
  • Rack-mounting accessory available
  • Watch-dog timer prevents hub lockup
  • Hub unlatch delay digitally controlled
  • Universal voltage power supply
  • Works with all Contemporary Controls Network Interface Modules (NIMs) when operating at 2.5 Mbps
  • CE Mark
  • RoHS compliant