Contemporary Controls Gateways

Gateways map individual Modbus registers into BACnet objects. With the BASremote, all connected Modbus devices appear as one BACnet device object with a collection of object points representing the various Modbus registers. Using the concept of virtual routing, the BASgatewayLX treats each connected Modbus device as a separate BACnet device with object points representing only those registers of the addressed device.


Der BASgatewayLX von Contemporary Controls ist ein Modbus zu BACnet Gateway. BASGLX-M1

Modbus zu BACnet Gateway mit Fast-Ethernet, USB-Port, Modbus Port und Status LEDs.

Der BASR-8M von Contemporary Controls ist ein Remote BAS-Controller. BASR Serie

BAS Remote-Controller mit BACnet/IP, 8 I/O Pins, PoE und Konfiguration über eine Webpage.