Extend-A-Bus Serie - CAN Netzwerk Repeater

Der EAB-CXB von Contemporary Controls ist ein DeviceNet Repeater.
Der EAB-CXB von Contemporary Controls ist ein DeviceNet Repeater.
Der EAB-FOG von Contemporary Controls ist ein DeviceNet Repeater.
Die CAN Netzwerk Repeater der Extend-A-Bus Serie von Contemporary Controls sind ausgestattet mit Glasfaser oder Koaxial Ports, Datenraten bis zu 500 kbps, 6km Reichweite, DeviceNet Kompatibilität, Star/Bus/Distributed-Star Topologien und Panel oder DIN-Rail Montagemöglichkeit.

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Extend-A-Bus Serie - Exceed the Geographical Limits of CAN-Based Networks

The EXTEND-A-BUS Series can extend DeviceNet up to six kilometers—linking individual DeviceNet subnets together into a single larger network.

Each EXTEND-A-BUS unit creates a DeviceNet subnet and at least two units are needed to link subnets together. The data rate on each subnet can differ from those of other subnets. DeviceNet identifiers or MAC IDs cannot be duplicated on any of the subnets. Each EXTEND-A-BUS pair is best viewed as an extension cord. A unit does not consume a permanent MAC ID, therefore it is transparent to the network.

The backbone side of the EXTEND-A-BUS must adhere to standard ARCNET® cabling rules. Companion AI ARCNET active hubs are available for extending the backbone cabling. Hubs are cascaded to achieve the maximum distance: up to 6 km when using coaxial cabling and ten active hubs or up to 4.8 km when using a fiber optic backbone and two active hubs.

Details zur Extend-A-Bus Serie

  • Extends the length of DeviceNet™ networks up to 6 km
  • Fully DeviceNet compliant
  • Fiber optic or coaxial cabling
  • Star, bus or distributed-star topology
  • Variable data rates up to 500 kbps
  • Low-voltage AC- or DC-powered
  • Panel-mount or DIN-rail mount