EICP8M Serie - Kompakter Managed Switch

Der EICP8M-100T von Contemporary Controls ist ein Unmanaged Switch.
Der EICP8M-100T von Contemporary Controls ist ein Unmanaged Switch.
Der EICP8M-100T-FC von Contemporary Controls ist ein Unmanaged Switch.
Der EICP8M-100T-FT von Contemporary Controls ist ein Unmanaged Switch.
Die kompakten managed Switches der EICP8M Serie von Contremporary Controls sind ausgestattet mit 8 Ports, Kupfer- oder Glasfaser-Technologie, VLAN, Fast-Ethermet, Port Mirroring und Betriebstemperaturen von 0°C bis 60°C.

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EICP8M - Kompakter Ethernet Switch mit Management

The EICP8M series of compact managed switching hubs provide management functionality in specific applications where 0° to +60°C temperatures are expected. Both copper and fiber models are available.

Designed with the conventional features usual in standard Plug and Play switches, the EICP8M series includes such important benefits as RapidRing®, VLAN, trunking, Quality of Service (QoS), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and a programmable fault relay that can be connected to a supervisory system. Individual port parameters and other feature settings are configurable.

The EICP8M series is designed with an interactive web server, accessible from any Internet compatible PC on the local network.

Configuration is done either from a web browser or through a console port connected to a Windows-based terminal emulation program such as HyperTerminal. Port parameters (data rate, duplex, and flow control) can be pre-set via the console port or auto-negotiated.

Each model in this series performs as an SNMP agent allowing access to information on the status of its various ports. The SNMP agent is comprised of a collection of managed objects that can be queried by a manager to indicate the status of the network or any particular device. When this data is displayed in an easily understood format, operators and maintenance personnel, at a central location, can check the entire network by observing selected devices and detect potential problems before they occur.

Either straight-through or crossover cables may be used to connect any of the Auto-MDIX ports to NICs or another hub. In addition to one power LED, each port has an LED showing link/activity/data rate by color: green for 100 Mbps and yellow for 10 Mbps. Flashing indicates port activity.

The EICP8M series is shipped with a DIN-rail clip for installation with a TS-35 DIN-rail. If direct mounting to a sub-panel is needed, an optional panel mounting bracket, shipped with the product, can be installed after removing the DIN-rail clip.

Details zum EICP8M managed Switch

  • Choose all 10/100 Mbps copper ports or add two fibre ports
  • Single-mode distances up to 15km
  • RapidRing® fibre optic ring redundancy for up to 100 rings
  • Industrial temperature range: 0°C to +60°C
  • 10-36 VDC or 8-24 VAC powered
  • LEDs for link/activity, data rate, power and status
  • Console or web page configuration
  • UL and C-UL Listed, CE Mark, RoHS compilant

Management Functionality

  • Managed via the SNMP protocol
  • IGMP snooping & query functionality
  • Cable redundancy using RSTP or RapidRing®
  • Virtual LAN support (Port VLAN and 802.1Q)
  • Quality of Service (QoS) support
    • 802.1p
    • DiffServ
    • TOS
    • Port-based
    • MAX-based
  • Port mirroring, rate limiting and port security