Extra Wechselstrom Adapter

Wechselstrom - Gleichstrom Adapter von AKCP.
Wechselstrom - Gleichstrom Adapter von AKCP.
IEC Adapter von AKCP, der 100-240V Wechselstrom zu 7.5V 1.2Amp (9 Watt) Gleichstrom umwandelt. Dieser wird für sensorProbe2/4/8 und ältere Universal Mount Kameras (UMC) verwendet. (Für sensorProbe8-X20/X60 wird 3AVAC benötigt)

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AC to DC adaptor with a standard IEC type connector - 1AVAC

AKCess Pro’s products come with an AC to DC adaptor with a standard IEC type connector which is the same as the power cord used for regular computers. With these characteristics, this power supply can be used in any country around the world. Safety features include overvoltage and over current protection. This power supply is compliant with most safety regulations including UL, GS, and CE.

Spare AC Adapter - 3AVAC

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC to 7.5 VDC 1.2 Amp – IEC Adapter

  • Input Range : 100-240 VAC
  • Output : 7.5 VDC 1.2 Amp
  • Power Output : 9.0 Watt
  • Over Voltage Protection : Yes
  • Over Current Protection : Yes
  • Operating Temp. Range : 0 to +40 °C

This power supply is used for the following products:

  • sensorProbe2
  • sensorProbe8
  • Previous Universal Mount Fixed Camera (UMC)
1AVAC9VDC AKCP Wechselstrom-Gleichstrom Adapter 1AVAC9VDC

100-240V Wechselstrom zu 9V 1Amp Gleichstrom IEC Adapter.

3AVAC Wechselstrom zu Gleichstrom Adapter von AKCP. 3AVAC

100-240V Wechselstrom zu 7.5V 3Amp Gleichstrom IEC Adapter.