IMCV-Switch Serie - Multi-Port Switch Modul

Der IMCV-Switch von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Switching Modul.
Der IMCV-Switch von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Switching Modul.
Die modularen Multi-Port Switch Module der IMCV-Switch Serie von B+B SmartWorx sind ausgestattet mit 10/100Base-T, Single- oder Multi-Mode, SFT Ports, bis zu 5 Ports, Flow Control und unterstützt bis zu 1000 MAC Adressen.

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IMCV-Switch Series - 10/100Base-T Multi-Port Switch Module

The iMcV-Switch is a multi-port, 10/100 Ethernet module that allows the user to increase port density and the service area of Ethernet networks. The store and forward switch function allows the end user to extend Ethernet service to locations for a total of 100 meters from the Ethernet source. All RJ-45 ports Auto Negotiate 10/100Base-T, half/full duplex, and automatically configure for MDI or MDIX operation. Each port allows a maximum frame size of up to 1916 bytes and supports Flow Control and priority queuing.

The iMcV-Switch is available in four different models, some offering a configuration of copper and fiber ports, copper and fiber SFP ports and an all copper port version.



  • IEEE 802.3x 10/100Base-T
  • IEEE 802.3u Auto Negotiation
  • RFC-2474 and RFC-2475 DiffServ/ToS
  • Includes diagnostic LEDs
  • AutoCross and Auto Negotiation on all ports
  • Maximum 1916 byte packet size
  • Supports Half and Full-Duplex operation
  • Connectors: RJ-45 and SC, ST, LC or SFP
  • Installs in any iMediaChassis, MediaChassis or IE-MediaChassis
  • Supports GUI-Based iView²
  • Supports Half- and Full-Duplex operation
  • Includes diagnostic LEDs
  • Includes hot-swappable architecture


  • Dimensions 4.19”H x 0.78”W x 2.75”D (10.74 x 2 x 7.05 cm)
  • Shipping Weight 0.30 lbs (.11 kg)


  • Operating Temperature: +32° to +122° F (0° to +50° C)
  • Storage Temperature: -4° to +158° F (-20° to +70° C)
  • Operating Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing), 0 – 10,000 ft. altitude

Regulatory Approvals

  • FCC Class B
  • UL/cUL
  • CE
852-14440 iMcV-Switch, TX/5
852-14441 iMcV-Switch, TX/4 + SFP (requires one SFP/155 Module, sold separately)
852-14442 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + 2 x SFP (requires one or two SFP/155 Module(s), sold separately)
852-14443 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-MM850-ST
852-14444 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-MM850-SC
852-14445 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-MM1300-ST
852-14446 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-MM1300-SC
852-14449 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-SM1310/PLUS-ST
852-14450 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-SM1310/PLUS-SC
852-14451 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-SM1310/LONG-ST
852-14452 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-SM1310/LONG-SC
852-14453 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + FX-SM1550/LONG-SC
852-14470 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + SSFX-SM1310-SC
852-14471 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + SSFX-SM1550-SC
852-14472 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC
852-14473 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + SSFX-SM1550/PLUS-SC
852-14474 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + SSFX-SM1310/LONG-SC
852-14475 iMcV-Switch, TX/3 + SSFX-SM1550/LONG-SC