Vlinx VESR321 - Industrieller Ethernet Geräteserver

Der Vlinx VESR321 von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Serieller Geräteserver.
Der Vlinx VESR321 von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Serieller Geräteserver.
Die seriellen Geräteserver der Vlinx VESR321 Serie von B+B SmartWorx sind ausgestattet mit einer Three-way Isolation, RS-232/422/485, Ethernet, oder Glasfaser, EN61000-6-2 Zertifizierung und einer hohen Betriebstemperatur.

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VESR321 Series - Isolated Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers

Take control of your serial devices with Vlinx™ VESR321 Isolated Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers.

Easy to use Vlinx™ Manager software puts access to your whole shop right on your desktop. Configure your serial devices, upgrade firmware and monitor activity from a single location. The data ports are isolated from one another and also from the power supply.

Multiple fiber optic options make integration into any existing network quick and easy. Choose from Multi-mode LC and Single-mode LC.

VESR321 series servers also feature an additional copper pass-through RJ45 port that functions like an unmanaged switch, allowing you to connect another Ethernet device or PC work-station.

Heartbeat connectivity keeps the serial server on-line. If connectivity is lost it attempts to reconnect every five seconds until a connection is regained. A manual reboot is not required when communicationsare restored.


  • Three-way, 2 kV isolation
  • Ethernet enable serial devices
  • Direct IP, virtual COM port, or paired mode
  • Ethernet pass-through port available
  • Ethernet fibre options
  • Serial RS-232/422/485 port
  • NEMA TS2 (VESR321)
VESR321Isolated Ethernet Serial Server, 2x RJ-45 Ethernet Ports, 1x RS-232/422/485 Serial Port
VESR321-MLIsolated Ethernet Serial Server, 1x Multi-Mode LC Port, 1x RS-232/422/485 Serial Port
VESR321-SLIsolated Ethernet Serial Server, 1x Single-Mode LC Port, 1x RS-232/422/485 Serial Port