IE-IMCV-E1-MUX/4+ Ethernet Serie - Modularer E1 Plus Medienkonverter

Der IE-IMCV-E1-MUX/4+Ethernet von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Medienkonverter.
Der IE-IMCV-E1-MUX/4+Ethernet von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Medienkonverter.
Die modularen E1 Plus Medienkonverter der IE-IMCV-E1-MUX/4+ Ethernet Serie von B+B SmartWorx sind ausgestattet mit Link Fault Pass-Through Funktion (LFPT), 4x E1 RJ-48, 1x oder 2x SFP Glasfaser, 1x Ethernet, 1x RS-232 Mini-Jack und Überspannungsschutz.

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IE-IMCV-E1-MUX/4+Ethernet - Modular, Managed Four E1 Olus Data Extension Over Fiber

The IE-iMcV-E1-Mux/4 is a managed modular media converter, installed as a Host/Remote pair, that transports four independent E1 lines over a single or dual fiber optic line plus one 10/100 ethernet port. The module is ideal for applications requiring TDM extension, such as remote office PABX connectivity, with support for a full bandwidth 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection over the same optical link.

The IE-iMcV-E1-Mux/4 allows for Bandwidth Limiting control in 32 Kbps increments up to 100 Mbps. It also detects Ethernet, AIS, E1 and fiber LOS events as well as degraded lines with full LED indications including a Remote Alarm Indicator (RAI) over the fiber link. E1 ports can also be enabled or disabled via the CLI, Telnet or SNMP management software, allowing the user to perform maintenance on a particular line without affecting others.

Fiber redundancy (1+1) on removable SFP modules offers the enhanced reliability of a protected fiber link while supporting the complete range of optical types and distances. The 1+1 protection system automatically switches to the best fiber line within 50 milliseconds, should one line become impaired or fail. The module also features an independent serial link (RS-232) which is carried over the same fiber link(s), and can be used for transporting serial traffic from other equipment located at the remote point of presence (POP) back to the central office. The RS-232 console port is useful for local monitoring and configuration of the unit by technical support personnel.


  • Four independent E1 ports on RJ-48 connectors with surge protection
  • E1 ports can be remotely disabled by user
  • AIS generation on signal loss on all E1 and fiber interfaces
  • AIS Detection
  • Supports local and remote loopback functions
  • One full bandwidth, 10/100BaseT Ethernet port
  • Auto Negotiation or forced modes on the Ethernet port
  • Supports Jumbo Ethernet frames to 1916
  • Supports "Pause" Frames
  • User defined bandwidth limiting on Ethernet port
  • AutoCross MDI/MDIX on Ethernet port
  • Supports the Link Fault Pass-Through function (LFPT) on the Ethernet port
  • Dual SFP fiber ports with 1+1 protection switching
  • DDMI register retrieval supported on SFP ports
  • One end-to-end serial RS-232 port to 120 Kbps on an RJ-45 connector
  • Both Host/Remote are managed from the Host unit
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) management provided via one MiniJack RS-232 console port
  • Remote Graphical User Interface (GUI) management through a managed iMediaChassis
  • SNMP Alarm TRAP reporting in managed chassis, including Last Gasp
  • Full LED diagnostics on front panel


  • Configured as Host/ Remote pairs (DIP Switch selection)
  • RoHS-Compliant
  • Double-wide module for iMediaChassis, MediaChassis and IE-MediaChassis chassis (2 slots required)
  • SNMP management via the GUI-based iView² application software
  • Local RS-232 Console port
  • 10/100BaseT Full Bandwidth (144,800 fps/FDX)
  • Two MSA compliant optical SFP slots
  • Four E1 (RJ-48) copper ports
  • RS-232 (Transparent to 120 Kbps)


  • Four RJ-48 E1 ports
  • Two SFP slots
  • One RS-232 on MiniJack
  • One 10/100BaseT on RJ-45
  • One RS-232 on RJ-45


  • IEEE-802.3u
  • ITU-T GR-820-CORE
  • ITU-T-G.775 (AIS, LOS)


  • Double-wide chassis module
  • 1.1 lbs. (0.50 kg)


  • -40°F bis 158°F (-40°C bis +70°C); bei Betrieb
  • -40°F bis 158°F (-40°C bis +70°C); bei Lagerung

Typischer Stromverbrauch

  • 0.96A @ +5 VDC
857-18111 IE-iMcV-E1-Mux/4+Ethernet, 2 x SFP (requires one or two SFP/155 Modules, sold separately)
857-14400 iMcV-E1-Mux4+Ethernet, 2 x SFP (requires one or two SFP/155 Modules, sold separately)