HMX - Digitaler High Performance KVM Switch und Benutzerstationen

HMX Digital High Performance KVM Switches von Emerson Network Power (Avocent).
HMX Digital High Performance KVM Switches von Emerson Network Power (Avocent).
HMX Digital High Performance KVM Interface Modul von Emerson Network Power (Avocent).
Applikation für HMX Digital KVM Switches von Emerson Network Power (Avocent).
Diagramm zur Anwendung der Digital HMX KVM Switches von Emerson Network Power (Avocent).
Die HMX Digital High Performance KVM Switches und Benutzerstationen von Emerson Network Power (Avocent) kommen mit DVI und VGA Video Ports und USB Anschlüssen, sowie Audio-Ports und unterstützen Auflösungen bis zu 1920x1200. Der Avocent HMX Manager ist ein System zur Administration und Verwaltung des Avocent HMX Systems.

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Avocent HMX Digital High Performance KVM Extender, Benutzerstationen und Interface Module

Desktop over IP solutions are designed for desktop administrators who need to physically separate the computer from the user in the work environment. Physical separation of computer and user can be critical where security and/or environmental issues are major concerns. The Avocent® HMX desktop over IP solution provides the ideal solution for these environments. The Avocent HMX system can be easily deployed over a Local Area Network, and supports a comprehensive range of peripherals including DVI-I video, CD audio, USB mass storage, keyboard, mouse and most other USB devices. The Avocent HMX Manager provides administration and connection management control from a central location, enabling the desktop administrator to effectively and efficiently manage the desktop computing resource without compromising the user experience.

Enhanced Security

In many modern organizations, the competitive advantage, revenue and profitability of the organization are becoming increasingly dependent on the efficient use of computing resources and technology. In fact, more often than not, the revenue of a company may be directly dependent on, or produced on the computing resource of the company. Protecting the data and intellectual property of the company is crucial to the long-term success of the company. Most companies provide layers of logical security to protect the company against external attack, but security breaches can happen from within the company. The Avocent® HMX solution physically separates the computer from the user and enhances security by adding a physical layer to the security system.

Extending the reach of the computer

Many companies would like to extend and expand the reach and use of computers in the workplace. The challenges presented to the desktop administrator in this environment are very different to those encountered in a typical desktop/office environment. The challenges/problems include:

  • The local environment of the computer may not be suitable for a person because of noise, heat, chemical or dust pollution, electromagnetic fields or excessive vibration.
  • The operator needs to operate several machines or production lines from one central location.
  • The noise and heat of the computer may not be desirable in the vicinity of the working location.
  • The administrator needs to provide redundancy in control computers to prevent downtime of the production line.
  • Working conditions can be affected by the proximity of a computer (i.e. test labs, sterile lab environments, etc.).

All of these problems can be solved by moving the computer and/or user away using the Avocent HMX desktop over IP solution.

The Avocent® HMX Manager

The Avocent HMX Manager provides administration and connection management for Avocent HMX system components along with a rich suite of access profiles and internal authentication options. The Avocent HMX Manager is delivered as a hardened appliance with secure browser-based access. The Avocent HMX Manager can be connected to two simultaneous networks allowing one network to be used for deployment of the Avocent HMX system and the other network to be used by the desktop administrator to monitor, manage and control the Avocent HMX system.

Avocent® HMX User Stations

Users can connect to a comprehensive range of peripherals using a number of different Avocent HMX User Stations. User station selection depends on the type and number of displays to be supported and the video to be shown on these displays. The Avocent HMX User Station has an Ethernet connection to allow for connection to the TCP/IP network and to communicate across the network to a Computer Interface Module. All information and data received from the Computer Interface module is encrypted to 128bit AES SSL.

Avocent® HMX Computer Interface Modules (HMX IQ)

Target computers can be connected to the TCP/IP Area Network using a number of different Avocent HMX IQ modules. The Avocent HMX IQ selection depends on type and number of displays to be supported and the video that is generated by the computer. All Avocent HMX IQ modules are hardware based and require no software or drivers to be loaded onto the target computer. All Avocent HMX IQ modules are operating system (OS) independent, enabling the solution to function with Windows, Mac, Linux or Sun computers.



Details zum HMX Digital KVM Switch

Rich User Experience

The user gets a rich computer experience, even though the computer is located remotely, including:

  • Dual Digital DVI Video up to 1920x1200
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • USB media and most other USB devices
  • CD Audio

Central Management

Manage the entire Avocent® HMX solution from one central console, including one database to manage user authentication and access. The Avocent HMX Manager includes these features:
  • Flexible access modes
  • Logging and reporting
  • Desktop pooling

Secure Access

128bit AES encryption on all data passing through the network and authentication guarantee that access to any computing resource is managed securely.

Ethernet Operation

Allows the computer and user to be located anywhere on the 100 or 1000Mbps network with full routing of data across routers, switches and subnets.

Full Hardware Solution

No software or drivers required. Provides access to all computer peripheral ports regardless of the state of the OS or BIOS.


The Avocent HMX system has an embedded Linux OS and is fully upgradeable to allow for future feature enhancements.

Reliability and Service

In the event of a fault, users can be be “remapped” to alternate computers, thus, reducing their downtime and improving the service provided by the desktop administrator.

Increased Productivity

Remapping the user to another computer enables the desktop administrator to conduct fault analysis and repair “offline” ensuring there is no impact on productivity of the user .


Placing the computers in a central location simplifies the task of the desktop administrator gaining access to the computers.

Ease of Migration

Desktop administrators can easily install and deploy new computing resources. Migrating users is achieved without affecting productivity, ensuring users gain access to the latest versions of computing power without disruption.

Improved Data Control

The computers are now situated remotely from the user, so the introduction of virus-infected files is more difficult and, through the use of appropriate software policies, can be eliminated completely.

Avocent HMX Digital High Performance KVM Geräte
HMXMGR-G02Avocent HMX Manager - Management Anwendung (Software)
HMX1070Avocent HMX Benutzerstation mit Single-Head DVI und 4 USB Ports
HMIQSHDIAvocent HMX IQ Computer Interface Modul mit Single-Head DVI oder VGA und USB
HMX2050Avocent HMX Benutzerstation mit Dual-Head DVI und 4 USB Ports
HMIQDHDDAvocent HMX IQ Computer Interface Modul mit Dual-Head DVI und USB
AMX5000 8x32 Port analoger Matrix KVM Switch von Emerson Network Power (Avocent). AMX High Performance KVM

Analoge Matrix KVM Switches mit bis zu 64 Ports und passende Benutzerstationen