PortStore2 Pl - Serial Port Logger über Ethernet und Datenspeicher

PortStore2 PL von HW group speichert gelesene Daten lokal um vor Datenverlust zu schützen.
PortStore2 PL von HW group speichert gelesene Daten lokal um vor Datenverlust zu schützen.
Anwendungsdiagramm eines PortStore2 PL von HW group.
PortStore2 PL von HW group liest Daten über eine RS-232 Schnittstelle ein und speichert diese lokal auf einem 2MB Flash Speicher. Diese können danach von PCs über das Netzwerk abgerufen werden oder in Intervallen über TCP/IP gesendet werden. Somit bietet er Schutz vor Datenverlust bei Stromausfällen.

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PortStore2 PL - Serieller Daten-Logger und Speicher

PortStore2 PL reads call accounting data (CDR/SMDR) over RS-232 from a PBX (private branch exchange). Received data are stored in its internal 2MB flash memory. Stored data are later retrieved by a PC-based application, or periodically sent to a server over TCP/IP. You can use the supplied application to retrieve the data from the buffer, or write your own software based on the programming examples.

  • Corporate PBX: Connect your existing analog PBX to PS2 PL and feed the data to your existing call analysis software via a virtual serial port (e.g. COM7). You do not need to change anything.
  • PBXs in branch offices: Connect the exchanges in all your branch offices to the Internet via PS2 PL, and analyze both completed and ongoing calls with any software designed to analyze call accounting records (CDR / SMDR / CIL analysis). You can even connect both analog and VoIP exchanges to a single central site.
  • Backing up data from a serial printer: A surveillance/security system in a building prints basic information about the building. This information needs to be archived.
  • PortStore2 PL stores data about alarms in its internal flash memory. A central server periodically retrieves the data and archives them. The buffer capacity is sufficient for approximately 35,000 standard lines.



Details zum PortStore2 PL

  • Data received from the serial port are safely stored in the internal Flash memory and protected against power failures.
  • PortStore2 PL can be connected to any PBX with a RS-232 output of call accounting data.
  • PortStore2 PL can work in the TCP Client mode, establishing a connection once per hour. It can therefore work with a standard ADSL Internet connection, behind a NAT, with a private IP address.
  • TEA-encrypted authentication enables secure manipulation with the data even over the open, insecure Internet.
  • A special RepBuf protocol enables restoration and reloading of data that have already been retrieved.
  • PortStore2 PL can be used for data logging (CDR/SMDR call accounting), and, at the same time, for remote access to the serial port of the device via a virtual serial port (remote PBX administration).
    • The remote port is controlled with a virtual Windows driver that binds, for instance, to COM 5, and is compatible with RFC2217. The Windows 2000 / XP driver is available free of charge.
  • SW applications and tools for all target users:
    • Data retrieval application for end users
    • Examples and source codes for easy implementation of the product into your SW
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