Giga-MiniMc SFP Serie - Glasfaser zu Ethernet Medienkonverter

Der Giga MiniMc von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Medienkonverter.
Der Giga MiniMc von B+B SmartWorx ist ein Medienkonverter.
Die Gigabit Ethernet zu Glasfaser Konverter der Giga-MiniMc Serie von B+B SmartWorx sind ausgestattet mit einem 1000Base-SC oder 1000Base-LX Glasfaser Port, einem 10/100/1000 Mbps Twisted-Pair Port, Status LEDs, LFPT und optionalen SFP Ports.

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Giga MiniMc SFP mit LFPT - Smalles, Most Reliable Gigabit Switching Media Converter

Media conversion is the most cost-effective solution for extending the productive life of legacy wiring plants and equipment while allowing implementation of new technologies. Media conversion’s greatest benefits are flexibility and cost savings.

Measuring less than 3.5 inches deep and 2 inches wide, the Giga- MiniMc is the industry’s smallest gigabit media converter with both data connections on the same side of the unit, and at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Plug-and-play operation with a variety of model types and powering options make the Giga-MiniMc easy and convenient to use.

Details zum Giga MiniMc SFP Ethernet Medienkonverter


  • Plug-and-play operation
  • RJ45 and SC or SFP connectors
  • IEEE 802.3 10Base-T twisted pair
  • IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX twisted pair
  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T twisted pair
  • IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-LX or SX fiber
  • MTU: Supports Jumbo Frames up to 10240 bytes (all versions)
  • Country-specific, high-reliability power adapter
  • Layer 2 packet switching, store and forward (forwarding rate: 14,881 pps for 10 Mbps, 148,810 pps for 100 Mbps, 1,488,096 pps for 1000 Mbps)
  • Auto-Cross for MDI/MDIX
  • Status LEDs


  • Dimensions 0.83”H x 1.80”W x 3.35”D (2.11 x 4.57 x 8.51 cm)
  • Shipping Weight 0.7 lbs (.317 kg)


  • 5 VDC, 600mA
  • 120 VAC, 0.1A


  • Operating Temperature: +32° F to +122° F (0° C to +50° C)
  • Storage Temperature: -31° F to +167° F (-35° C to +75° C)
  • Operating Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Regulatory Aprovals

  • FCC Class A
  • UL/cUL, CSA, CE
856-10747 Giga-MiniMc Module, TX/SFP (requires one fiber SFP Module, sold separately)
856-10730 Giga-MiniMc, TX/SX-MM850-SC
856-10728 Giga-MiniMc, TX/LX-MM1300-SC
856-10731 Giga-MiniMc, TX/LX-SM1310-SC
856-10732 Giga-MiniMc, TX/LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC
856-10733 Giga-MiniMc, TX/LX-SM1550/LONG-SC
856-10729 Giga-MiniMc, TX/LX-SM1550/XLONG-SC
856-10734 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSLX-SM1310 SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
856-10735 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSLX-SM1550 SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
856-10742 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSBX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1490rcv)
856-10743 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSBX-SM1490-SC (1490xmt/1310rcv)
856-10736 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSLX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv)
856-10737 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSLX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)
856-10744 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSBX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1490rcv)
856-10745 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSBX-SM1490/PLUS-SC (1490xmt/1310rcv)
856-10738 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSLX-SM1490/LONG-SC (1490xmt/1550rcv)
856-10739 Giga-MiniMc,TX/SSLX-SM1550/LONG-SC (1550xmt/1490rcv)