High-Definition Digitalkamera

High-Definition Digitalkamera von AKCP zur Videoüberwachung.
High-Definition Digitalkamera von AKCP zur Videoüberwachung.
Anwendungsdarstellung der AKCP High-Definition Digitalkamera.
High-Definition Digitalkamera von AKCP zur Fernüberwachung über den Webbrowser. Die Kamera hat eine Infrarot-Nachtsichtfunktion mit 15-30 Bildern pro Sekunde (Abhängig von der ausgewählten Auflösung). Mit der securityProbe5ESV oder der Door Control Unit können bis zu 4 Kameras gleichzeitig verwendet werden.

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High Definition Digital Camera - IR Enabled - HD-DC

Use this High Definition Digital Camera (HD-DC) to visually inspect your enterprise assets and resources via your browser from anywhere in the world. The AKCess Pro HD-DC provides optimum features for deployment with the AKCess Pro securityProbe series. It has IR night vision capability and delivers between 15fps and 30fps depending on the resolution selected.

The AKCess Pro HD-DC is ideal for use with the Door Control Unit and securityProbe 5ESV, capable of accepting 4 cameras and the AKCess Server application, that can connect many HD-DC’s for recording and playback of video footage.

Features And Benefits

Rich Notification Suite

Real-time and archived video and pictures can be included in your alert notifications according to your preferred hierarchy of redundant alert notifications. Choose any notification combination and sequence from our Rich Notification Suite, to escalate unresolved alerts.

  • SMS
  • Email
  • MMS
  • Telephone call
  • Fax
  • SNMP
  • Relay switch automates corrective action

Time Stamped Video Capture and Review

When using AKCess Pro Server, High Definition Digital Cameras are recognized automatically, and intuitive user wizards customize recording parameters and notifications to your preferences. Cameras can be set to record upon a Time or Sensor Event or 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

The video search engine deploys timeline scans of captured and archived video to locate the exact events you need. Time-stamped video capture can be linked to other sensor and monitor data.

Connect AKCess Pro Server to the AKCess Pro Door Control Unit and manage enterprise access control with your customized hierarchy of redundant alert notifications. View video, real-time, remotely, and distribute video clips and linked data via your notification options.

Image sensorIR range of 20 meters | 1/3″ CMOS | Auto White Balance | 640 pixels per line, with 625 per frame (interlaced)
Picture Elements640 (H) x 480 (V) | 320 (H) x 240 (V)
Illumination0.5 Lux (Color), 0 Lux (Black & White)
S/N ratio< 48dB
PowerPowered by securityProbe 5ESV or Door Control Unit
Lens typeFixed
Focal length3.6mm
HD-PTDC Schwenkbare Digitalkamera von AKCP. HD-PTDC

Über das Netzwerk schwenk- und neigbare High-Definition Digitalkamera.

PTDC-PAL/NTSC Hochauflösende digitale Überwachungskamera PTDC-PAL/NTSC

Hochauflösende Digitalkamera, die sich über das Webinterface steuern lässt.

Digitale Infrarotkamera von AKCP mit universeller Befestigung. UMC-PAL/NTSC

Hochauflösende Digitalkamera mit Nachtsichtfunktion und universeller Befestigung.