Schwenkbare High-Definition Digitalkamera

HD-PTDC Schwenkbare Digitalkamera von AKCP.
HD-PTDC Schwenkbare Digitalkamera von AKCP.
Hochauflösende Kamera von AKCP, die sich vom Webinterface aus über das Netzwerk steuern lässt. Somit kann der Administrator vom PC aus die Neigung der Kamera richtig einstellen. Bis zu 50 Streams können gleichzeitig übertragen werden und Bilder der Aufnahmen als JPG - Format lokal gespeichert werden.

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High Definition Pan Tilt Dome Camera - HD-PTDC

The AKCess Pro High Definition Pan Tilt Dome Digital Camera is designed to provide greater functionality to the securityProbe 5ESV and Door Control Unit devices. Not only can you monitor assets and infrastructure remotely, combining the AKCess Pro HD-PTDC Camera with a securityProbe 5ESV allows you to actually see any problems, from anywhere in the world.

The AKCess Pro HD-PTDC pictures are truly stunning even in low light conditions. The sensor is a 1/3″ interline CMOS. It has excellent low light sensitivity of 0.5 lux at f1.2.

Live full-color streaming video is available via the web interface, and up to 50 streams of video can be accessed simultaneously. Standard JPG format pictures are used, allowing the use of third party host tools to store and analyze the JPG pictures. All pictures are in the Standard JPG format and the Standard CIF picture size is 352 x 288 pixels or VGA (640 x 480). The pictures can be easily downloaded from the securityProbe into a local host.

Integrated PT Controllers

The securityProbe5ESV has 4 built-in pan and tilt controllers to control the high precision stepper motors in the Pan Tilt Dome Digital Camera, which can pan the camera left to right and up or down. This allows the Administrator to adjust the viewing angle of the camera over the network via the web interface. Administrator level access gives you control of the brightness and contrast of the image.

Image sensor IR range of 20 meters | 1/3″ CMOS | Auto White Balance | 640 pixels per line, with 625 per frame (interlaced)
Picture Elements 640 (H) x 480 (V) | 320 (H) x 240 (V)
Illumination 0.5 Lux (Color), 0 Lux (Black & White)
S/N ratio < 48dB
Lens type Fixed
Focal length 3.6mm
Physical and Environmental
Dimensions10.7 x 11.5 cm
Weight0.8 kg
Power9 V DC, external
Power consumption2.16 W
Operating temp. range0 – 40 °C
Operating humidity range10 – 80 % RH, non-condensing
1AVAC9VDC AKCP Wechselstrom-Gleichstrom Adapter 1AVAC9VDC

100-240V Wechselstrom zu 9V 1Amp Gleichstrom IEC Adapter.

High-Definition Digitalkamera von AKCP zur Videoüberwachung. HD-DC

High-Definition Digitalkamera mit Infrarot Funktion (15-30fps).

PTDC-PAL/NTSC Hochauflösende digitale Überwachungskamera PTDC-PAL/NTSC

Hochauflösende Digitalkamera, die sich über das Webinterface steuern lässt.

Digitale Infrarotkamera von AKCP mit universeller Befestigung. UMC-PAL/NTSC

Hochauflösende Digitalkamera mit Nachtsichtfunktion und universeller Befestigung.